President Meta reveals the new battle he will fight

President Meta reveals the new battle he will fight

22:47, 13/09/2019

Dismantling the rule of lies and propaganda will be the new battle Albanian President Ilir Meta has promised to fight. The President of Albania was a guest on Syri television last night and was speaking to host Çim Peka.

“The new battle for everyone, with the President in the lead, is to dismantle the rule of propaganda that is suffocating the rule of law. Let us all dismantle the rule of lies that is killing the rule of truth. I did not choose randomly to come to your studios, because I had requests from your colleagues as well. The situation of media in Albania is very heavy, it is in a terrible seizure, in order to be imposed the disinformation, to lose credibility, to subordinate and accept this situation as a misfortune that cannot be avoided”, Meta told Peka, adding that he’s sure that the Albanian people “will find soon the road of truth and quick EU integration”.


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