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President Meta concerned after Rule of Law Index 2021: The government is ignoring the regress

President Meta concerned after Rule of Law Index 2021: The government is ignoring the regress

12:01, 16/10/2021
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"If the Parliament, the government and the independent institutions will continue to bypass this unstoppable regress, how will the law implementation in the country improve?”, Albanian President Ilir Meta asked today, expressing his concern for the latest international report for the regress of the rule of law in Albania. Meta

“Reports from prestigious international organizations confirm year after year that law enforcement in Albania is deteriorating significantly.

The Rule of Law Index 2021, prepared by the World Justice Project, is an indicator of the real situation in the country and a strong "call" to reflect and take measures to fight corruption and enable effective and impartial justice for all.

This Report measures the manner of governance; how independent the judiciary is; how well the audit agencies operate and how independent these bodies are in controlling the Government; whether officials are investigated and punished for violations; whether the media are independent; if the officials are elected according to the rules and procedures provided by the Constitution.

WJP conclusions confirm that Albania has the highest corruption in Europe and the region and that no indicator shows improvement, but only a continuous decline compared to other countries.

According to this Index, from the measurement of 4 universal principles of Rule of Law, that of accountability, fair law, open governance, impartial and accessible justice, it results that Albania has declined in terms of rule of law, ranking for 2021, 83rd out of 139 countries, between Suriname, Algeria or Uzbekistan.

It is unfortunate that in terms of the factor on compliance with the law by the Government, Albania is not only ranked 109th but has managed to leave behind, by 0.01 points, Afghanistan.

Measuring the lack of corruption factor ranks Albania 105th, after Ghana, Colombia, Benin, or 0.01 points better than Zambia, Mozambique, and El Salvador.

These data, unfortunately, are fully in line with the general conviction and perception of our citizens, who, given this difficult situation, have lost hope and are increasingly leaving the country to build a future outside Albania.

I am deeply concerned about the fact that these reports, which truly show our reality, even though they confirm us for years of continuous deterioration, still do not find reflection in those who have the responsibility to take the respective measures.

If Parliament, Government and independent institutions continue to bypass this unstoppable regress, then how will the law implementation in the country improve?

The condition is very serious and requires immediate, effective and responsible reflection”.


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