Veliaj refuses to respond to questions about links to Iran and incinerators, abandons the interview with reporters

12:14, 08/05/2023
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Tirana’s Mayor Erion Veliaj, accused as a key person in the affair of Tirana’s waste incinerator, including links with ‘ndrangheta, refused to clear the air about his involvement in the affair and Neapolitan mafia’s links to the Municipality of Tirana.

Veliaj appeared outside SPAK, the Albanian Special Structure against Corruption, where he had filed a complaint against the allegations for his links with the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, but refused to respond to the questions about his involvement in the incinerator affair. After News 24 reporter Klodiana Lala insisted with her questions, Veliaj decided to interrupt his Q&A with the media reporters.

During his elector show, Veliaj made another deception saying Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha will be forcefully escorted to the trial session by police.

While refusing to answer to the questions about his links to Iran and waste incinerators’ mafia, Veliaj does not hesitate to lie publically for the court proceedings which announced the opposition chief about the process and never mention he would be escorted by police to the court room.


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