Berisha says there is no free elections with Rama in power and promises in-depth analysis

Berisha says there is no free elections with Rama in power and promises in-depth analysis

13:38, 17/05/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha repeated his claim free and fair elections will not exist in Albania as long as Prime Minister Edi Rama is in power.

“The obligation to defend the free votes of Albanians makes me speak before of you today: With Edi Rama there is no free elections”, said the former Prime Minister.

“In this elections, more than in any other elections in the last 32 years, both the central government and local government transformed into a Mafioso electoral machine”.

“61 candidates competed in 61 municipalities of the country and were voted by 510,000 citizens, having zero funds from the public finances of the Albanian narco-state. Those who ignore this reality, as a reality incompatible with any standard of free suffrage, are either members of the narco-state mafia or have problems with themselves”.

“I will defend the free vote!”, promised Berisha.

“As a reminder, after coming to power in 2005, in the 2009 elections, I signed a decision prohibiting all officials, including the Prime Minister, from using official means or resources for campaigning. Ambassador Glover headed the observation of the 2009 elections. She writes that this order of the Prime Minister was fully implemented.

I will now introduce you to all the other aspects of this unprecedented criminal farce.

With Edi Rama, there is no choice, and every Albanian who wants or believes that the rule of law, that the market economy, that the future is guaranteed only with a free vote, must do everything to remove this enemy of the Albanian vote.

Having said this, I guarantee every democrat and every citizen that the analysis of the entire electoral activity of the Democratic Party will be complete, in-depth, without any hesitation, according to all the norms we have”.


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