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Opposition candidate Këlliçi challenges Mayor Veliaj to get out of the corruption cave he’s hiding and face him on TV

08:43, 08/05/2023
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The candidate of the opposition coalition Together We Win for the mayoral elections in Tirana Belind Këlliçi invited for a last time incumbent Mayor Erion Veliaj for a public debate on television. Këlliçi has challenged Veliaj repeatedly, but the latter has always ignored calls for a showdown prior to the May 14 elections.

The opposition candidate was in the morning show Kafe Shqeto on Syri TV like every Monday during the electoral campaign.

“Coming here every Monday has been an extraordinary experience for me, Flavio”, he told host Flavio Qarri. “I hope we have a lot of phone calls, even from the Socialist patrons that called last week too. We’re ready to talk about all the problems Tirana has and for all the ‘wonderful’ things Erion Veliaj has done in Tirana, like the air pollution, the carcinogenic air we breathe, the asphalt factory that we will transform into an installation of corruption”.

Këlliçi invited Veliaj to leave the corruption cave where he is hiding and face him on a live debate on television.


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