Vasili: Italian mafia has sat cross-legged in Tirana, SPAK remains silent

Vasili: Italian mafia has sat cross-legged in Tirana, SPAK remains silent

10:36, 23/01/2021
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Deputy Chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) spoke about the latest recorded conversations of the Italian anti-Mafia authorities, which showed links of Italian mobsters with the Albanian government and Municipality of Tirana.

According to the wiretaps, Italian businessmen with links to Calabrese mafia ‘ndragheta have met Tirana Mayor Veliaj to request permits for constructions in the Albanian capital in exchange of bribes equal to 20% of the investment value.

“The latest wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia have revealed that the Italian mafia and ‘ndragheta have sat legs crossed in Tirana and Albania, thanks to the government and Tirana’s Municipality”, Vasili told media reporters today.

“It’s clearly shown that ‘ndragheta has close links with Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj. Countless construction permits, waste recycling business, tens and tens of tenders, hundreds of licenses, lead only to one conclusion, that the government and municipality have become one with ‘ndragheta. There’s no doubt that the tireless workers really cannot sleep at night, but on account of the mafia interests and they are ready at any hour to comply with mafia’s orders and interests”.

Vasili also added he had thought that the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Structure, SPAK, would have acted and started the investigation by the time he appeared in the press conference.

“SPAK must understand that today it is facing a decisive test for itself, for its existence, for its name and reputation as an institution. Today it was proved Albania is in the hands of ‘ndrangheta and that is thanks to the Renaissance power, that has become one with it”.

“SPAK won’t even get tired looking for evidence, it’s not far, it’s only a few hundred meters from its headquarters”, Vasili added, appealing SPAK to act immediately.


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Taipi23/01/2021 14:04


Shqiptari23/01/2021 12:23

Keta te bandes kriminale narko-sorosiane jane te gjithe hajdute, te pacipe, te pamoralshem, te pashpirt dhe te paturpshem, si meshkujt edhe femrat!!! Ata te SPAK duhen shkarkuar qe te gjithe dhe duhen arrestuar per shperdorim detyre, bashkepunim ne krim, fshehje dhe mbrojtje te krimit dhe krimineleve!!! Ky SPAK qe eshte sot nuk ia vlen, ata jane pjese dhe bashkepunetore te krimineleve ne pushtet, me pushtet dhe pa pushtet!!! Ky SPAK e tregoi me vepra dhe me fakte konkrete qe eshte thjesht nje SNUK!

t23/01/2021 11:14

Mos e sulmoni spakun e degjeneruar,se e ka perzemer ajo koreano veriorja qe e ka vene soros te perfaqesoje shba ne albanistan

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