Basha: Rama nuk ka ndërmend të shkëputet nga droga, situata është alarmante

Basha: Rama will never separate from drugs, it’s an alarming situation

15:53, 11/08/2017

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha commented the declaration of the Italian Anti-Mafia National Prosecutor Franko Roberti, who said that Albania has turned into Europe’s main drug’s producer and exporter.

Basha said the alarming situation of the country has only man to blame and he is Premier Edi Rama, who does not intend to separate himself from drugs.

“Edi Rama will never separate from drug, in the contrary, he will continue to use drugs’ money to buy and manipulate the public opinion. The Democratic Party will continue its uncompromised politics on drugs, but it is the duty of anyone who wants a drug-free society and a safe future to react in order to create a joint front against drugs and its policy”, Basha writes.


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Iliri11/08/2017 17:13

Ka te drejt Lulzimi. Kane kanabizuar 4 anet e Shqiperise.

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