The PS-PD agreement, Meta promises surprises

The PS-PD agreement, Meta promises surprises

15:11, 19/05/2017

Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta told a press conference today he feels relaxed now that the elections and democracy in the country are standing no longer on the edge of an abyss.

“I’d like to say we are more relaxed than two days ago, when the elections and the democracy in our country were standing on the edge of an abyss. I want to thank those factors, particularly EU and the United States, and the other actors in and outside the country, for their contribution to have all-inclusive elections, so  Albanians can go calm towards a process of European standards, just like they deserve it”, Meta said.

“I believe this is very important for the citizens and for everything they deserve”.

He added a few surprises are to be expected with the participation of the opposition in the elections.

Asked by the reporters what he meant by “surprises”, Meta said: “Democracy is surprise, free and fair elections are surprises! Unilateral elections are not surprise”.


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Blloku19/05/2017 21:01

Ik more hajdut,ik more m...

osumi19/05/2017 15:47

Ik o Like jep ndonje dekorate e mos u ndje. Gjithe kete katrahure ti e ngjirize. Ndaj eshte e domosdoshme qe pas ketyre zgjedhjeve PD dhe PS te bejne koalicion dhe partickat kanceroze me ne krye LSI ti leme vetem per te lehur be Parliament boll na keni care b.....

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