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‘We bring hope’, Berisha tells why Democrats can never be compared to Socialist

16:15, 15/04/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha believes May 14 will bring change for Albanians, after four years of absolute monism in the local power level. Speaking during the introduction of the mayoral candidates of the opposition coalition Together We Win, Berisha gave a number of arguments why the Democrats can never be compared to the Socialists.

“Today we brought hope, on May 14 we will bring change”, said the Democrat leader.

“We will save Albania and there is no force in the world that can stop us! Long live the Albanian opposition, the change is in your hands, together we win. There are still Albanians that ask what I need, because banal government propaganda circulates a sophism, according to which we are all the same”.

“We had our faults, but we can never be compared to these. We welcomed US President George W. Bush, Edi Rama was proud of his ‘honorable’ friend Charlews McGonigal, who is eagerly waiting for him in the court room, they will go to the same cell”.

“We made Albania a NATO member, they want to get out of the Arbitration Court just because it punishes them for the thefts they have committed”.

“They are ready to apply Enver Hoxha's isolation practices, but we will never allow them.

We handed over power at a time when the number of Albanians in Albania was increasing every year. In eight years of their rule, over 1 million Albanians left. We are not the same!

We doubled salaries and pensions and left them at the highest levels in the region. They took them to the lowest levels in the region after 10 years.

We made mistakes, but with them, our people and society will fall lower and lower”, said Berisha.


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