Berisha condemns Balla’s appointment as Interior Minister: Rama handled the country into the hands of organized crime

Berisha condemns Balla’s appointment as Interior Minister: Rama handled the country into the hands of organized crime

13:32, 10/07/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha condemned the appointment of Taulant Balla as Albania’s ne Minister of the Interior, saying now the country will be definitely in the hands of the organized crime.

“In its agony, Edi Rama, the head of Europe’s first and only narko-state, appointed at the helm of the Ministry of the Interior Taulant Balla, the person most connected to the gangs of Elbasan, Lushnja, Librazhd, Cërrik, Shkodra, and Fushë-Kruja”, Berisha said today.

“The Democratic Party declares that Taulant Balla is the most incriminated politician in the last 32 years, the most accused of actual links to drugs traffic, Mafioso-type murders, and other crimes. Balla is the politician most publicly accused of having more than 50 travels abroad with his diplomatic password to act as a shield for the activity of the international supertrafficker Edmond Bego. Balla is the main politician accused with video and audio in a court room as implicated in the massacre of Elbasan of 2016, where three persons were killed and seven others were wounded in an armed clash between rival gangs. In the same court room he was denounced as the man that solicited the murder of the lawyer

Ravik Gurra because he possessed and would make public official records that proved Taulant Balla’s implication in the massacre of Elbasan”.

“Edi Rama’s new Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, has been proved of having engaged for votes’ buy-out in Elbasan in the 2021 election the trafficker Mehmet Greca, convicted with seven years in UK for cocaine traffic. He along with prosecutor Shehu and (former police director) Ardi Veliu manipulated the incident in Elbasan where a person was killed and three were wounded”.

“Balla is the incriminated politician, connected from head to toes with the gang of traffickers and killers in Fushë-Krujë. He is the person accused by police officer Emiljano Nuhu for direct intervention in the police precinct for the forceful release of the criminal Rexhep Rraja, today wanted by police, the son of the Socialist MP Rrahman Rraja, that was arrested after having tortured a defenseless young woman”.

“Balla was accused in the parliament as the receiver of the 5 million Euros brought to Albania aboard a Toyota Yaris. He managed to close this accusation made by Lulzim Basha in Albania but not in Belgium, where he is under investigation along with his accuser”.

“The Democratic Party declares that Edi Rama, by appointing Taulant Balla as the new Minister of the Interior, is delivering the country definitely into the hands of the organized crime”.


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