Berisha condemns Beleri’s arrest: Edi Rama’s blind political vendetta, Himara’s properties are his real intention

12:38, 12/05/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha condemned the arrest of the opposition candidate for mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, saying it is “a blind political vendetta” of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“It is a blind political act, a blind political vendetta of Edi Rama against an opposition candidate through manipulations, with the commitment of a manipulator and a former gangs accessory that today is in charge of the Vlora police department, named Ermal Muça”, Berisha told media reporters in his weekly press conference today.

“I must inform the Albanian citizens that Edi Rama’s Mafioso passions and intentions for Himara’s seafront lands are the real incentives for this act. The use of violence is also an extreme act to scare the voters in that community and not only there. In Dropull (Greek minority are in southern Albania – Syri) I found a terror climate where the police summoned the voters and pressured them not to vote for our excellent candidate Thanas Maneka, telling them to vote for Rama’s candidate”.


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