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Berisha’s call to Albanian mothers and sisters: Embrace this campaign as yours and save Albania with your love

10:59, 18/04/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha appealed to Albanian women to embrace the electoral campaign as theirs and save Albania. Speaking in Gramsh, where he introduced the mayoral candidate Hasim Çekrezi, Berisha said women feel more compassion than anyone else and they can save the country with their love.

“I have an appeal from my heart to all the ladies, to all the girls of Gramsh and Albania. Our attitude towards Albania today is ultimately determined by our compassion towards this country. Does it hurt that our country is falling apart or doesn’t it? How much does it hurt that this country is being abandoned, with people leaving like never before in its history? In this aspect, the mothers, sisters and daughters have, without any doubt, much stronger compassion, love, and sensitivity compared to the rest of us. So my call is, please consider it, embrace this campaign as your campaign and you will save Albania with your love, with your dedication, with your feelings”, said Berisha.


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