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Meta: This is not the time for change but for revolution, the votes will overthrow the absolute corruption

15:38, 15/04/2023
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Freedom Party Chairman Ilir Meta addressed to the participants in the opposition electoral rally in the Air Albania National Arena that now is not the time for change, but for revolution.

The opposition coalition Together We Win introduced its candidates for the May 14 mayoral elections.

“29 more days to end the absolute monism in the local power”, said the former President of Albania.

“Finally, after four years, we will tear down what no one would imagine in Albania, that a NATO country, a 100% pro-European country, would have a clique that controls all the local power. We know that absolute power means absolute corruption, just like the Socialist Renaissance is. That’s why this is not the time for change, this is the time for revolution”.

“The revolution with votes will overthrow the absolute corruption and will bring absolute transparence, absolute accountability”.

“Our candidates will not be facing rivals, but a rotten regime from its foundations. A regime that only seeks a push through your votes. These are the most legitimate candidates our history has ever seen. The candidates they are facing do not dare to show up in television debates because they are totally consumed and full of scandals and broken promises”.


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