Po ikte jashtë Shqipërisë, izraeliti ndalohet në Rinas me një pajisje përgjuese me vete

An Israeli national stopped in Tirana’s airport with a suspicious listening device

11:34, 24/03/2017

An Israeli national has been stopped in Tirana’s International Airport on Thursday, after telling to the security officials he had a listening device. The foreign citizen, nearly 50, was moving around in the airport hall holding a black suitcase that attracted the attention of the officers. When asked by them, he did not hesitate to answer it was a listening device.

He was immediately taken into custody and during the interrogation by the airport police, the man said he had been for a few weeks in Albania and was returning home.

He left the police station a few hours later, but there is no information on his whereabouts and the whole story was kept a secret from the police, which were not available to comment. Sources said he could leave the other evening as planned.

The entrance of listening devices in the Albanian territory is an issue of national security, so the State Police have the obligation to be transparence in connections with this case.

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