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Berisha's appeal to Albanian citizens: Get out and vote massively for the change

Berisha's appeal to Albanian citizens: Get out and vote massively for the change

13:53, 11/05/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha appealed to Albanian citizens to go out massively and cast their votes on Sunday for the mayoral elections.

“I am here today with a message for all the Albanian citizens, calling on them to participate on Sunday’s voting”, Berisha said.

“I am addressing first to the country’s youth, to all the young women and men that are in Albania today. I invite them to vote for the change on May 14, to vote for their future, for themselves and for their fellow youths that have left the country for reasons linked directly to Edi Rama’s policies.

I call on mothers, sisters, women and girls for a bigger participation. A vote for the change is a vote that opens the doors for a better economic situation, for the consolidation of the Albanian families, for higher salaries, for better education, for better health care.

I call on all men to participate in these votes and vote for the change because the other alternative is the loss of jobs and leaving Albania.

I call on the businessmen to vote for the change, to open the way, the doors, to a new fiscal policy from the primary candidates.

I call on the farmers to participate in the voting, to vote for the change as the most basic condition to succeed in their farms, as the condition of all conditions to have those subsidies that other farmers in the region receive.

In general, I call on the employees of the administration, the members of the Armed Forces and the State Police, to vote for change, not to follow Edi Rama anymore, not to vote for this complete monism. I guarantee that each of them who have implemented the laws will be respected, but a vote for Edi Rama is a vote for the consolidation of the narco-state and the absolute power of an irresponsible man.

Once again, my appeal is to participate in the election, do not listen to the man who fears and dreads your vote. This call itself should awaken in you the great responsibility you have towards yourself, your family and the country, and you should exercise that responsibility freely”.



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