Divorced mother-of-two police officer suspended after protecting her property in Tirana

Divorced mother-of-two police officer suspended after protecting her property in Tirana

11:09, 12/03/2019
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A police officer has been suspended from the force following yesterday’s protest in Tirana against the sequestration of a residential building in the area known as Petro Nini.

The police officer is a divorced woman, mother of two, who appeared on the news yesterday while trying to protect her property against a corruptive ruling from the Court of Tirana. The little boy who was pictured while lying on the police car hood was her minor son, also fighting to protect his home, along with other members of four families.

The suspension of police effective Blerta Dervishi was announced by a resident of the area.

“I’d like to share some news with the media today”, the man said, pointing to the lady by his side. “Blerta has been suspended. She is a divorced mother of two little children”.

Ms. Dervishi also spoke for the reporters.

“I am a police officer. I have been announced that I am suspended for obstruction of bailiff activity. My colleagues wept with me, they did their best to do their duty. I compliment them, they had to do their job, both the effectives and the superiors. For the case in question, I am a resident, a common citizen, free to protect my property and my children, because I have no other place to go”, the suspended officer said.

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    Nardi12/03/2019 16:12

    Vertet me vjen shum keq per kete vajze , por kam pershtypjen qe keshtu eshte sjelle edhe kjo me qytetaret kur ka qene ne detyre , me te njejten sjellje si koleget e saj karshi saj , ndaj ti therasin mendjea policet jo vetem kur u bie ne kuriz

    DURIM CEKREZI12/03/2019 16:04

    Kur miqet tane nga vendete te ndryshme ne Europe na pyesin per keto pamje qe shikojne me vje turp qe te them jane reale ne Kryeqytetin tone.

    cun lagje12/03/2019 11:43

    ore nje pyetje kisha dhe shume te thjesht....kete ministrin e brendshme e drejton SANDER LLESHI apo SANDER GAVOCI ????? Une do thoja sh qarte qe Gavoci sigurisht jo fizikisht por ka aq ndikim sa ti bej presion punonjesve te policis se shtetit....deri edhe te vet zoti LLESHI!!!

    Loran shehu 12/03/2019 11:31

    Shtet kurv minister byth q...

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