Berisha accused the Socialist majority of blocking the lustration law

13:49, 03/07/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha accused the Socialist majority in the parliament of blocking the opposition's bills. Berisha told the Democrat parliamentary group that the majority has blocked the lustration law that would identify judges, politicians and high officials who have been collaborators of Sigurimi, the former secret state police during the communist dictatorship. The former Prime Minister said the bill has been kept for six months in the parliament because it would endanger the jobs and careers of many Socialist exponents, prosecutors and judges.

Berisha also discussed Premier Rama’s withdrawal from the Open Balkans initiative, a decision that was made after he was shown a “red card” from the international partners.  Berisha said the Open Balkan initiative was supported only by George Soros and Russian foreign Minister Lavrov, and because of it the resolution against the Serbian genocide in Kosovo was also blocked.


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