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Berisha says Albanians spend an extra month’s salary with food alone due to the increase of prices

Berisha says Albanians spend an extra month’s salary with food alone due to the increase of prices

11:55, 22/04/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha said today Albanians have lost a monthly salary with food alone due to the soaring prices. Berisha was speaking in an electoral rally in Këlcyrë, where he presented the mayoral candidate Arjan Kasaj. The former Prime Minister also spoke about the country’s fast depopulation.

“The Albanians, from patriotic nationals that stayed in their lands for centuries and millennia have changed into guests in other lands, but also guests in their lands, because all the great potentials of their country have become a forbidden apple, a curse for the residents of Këlcyra and Albania”, said Berisha.

“This happens because in 10 years the one who leads the government did not think about the livelihood of the citizens, he thought only about his enrichment, only about his power. Edi Rama started his career as Prime Minister after an accusation in an international report that he has €200 million hidden in offshore accounts”.

“Instead of having an economic improvement, a better situation from year to year, the economic difficulty kept increasing because Edi Rama froze salaries. There is no more heartless act a Prime Minister can do than freezing salaries and pensions. According to independent economists, every Albanian has spent 430,000 Albanian Lek more on food due to the increase in prices. So, every Albanian has lost one salary in food alone. Each pensioner has lost two pensions. Prices were raised in other countries as well, but other governments returned the money collected from price increases to citizens. Kosovo increased pensions by €100, €100 was given to students, €120 was given to employees. Meanwhile, Rama divided €520 million from the increase in prices among his cronies for his own luxury”.


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