Who hides behind the ‘Indian’ hackers assault against Syri.net website?

Who hides behind the ‘Indian’ hackers assault against Syri.net website?

15:29, 28/06/2019

Since the early Friday morning, Syri.net – Albania’s biggest news website – fell prey to a massive hackers’ assault that aims the closure of the news agency.

Our experts that maintain the website reached the conclusion the attack origin was from several hackers’ servers that operate in India.

Today’s attack against Syri.net servers is not an isolated case recently. At least for a month and a half, the website has been attacked by smaller attacks which shows a special interest from certain circles to shut the mouth of the only oppositionist online medium that operates free today in Albania.

Normally such attacks are made against online sites per orders or according to interests of persosn that have the financial means to put to life such a cyber effort. Private experts told Syri.net that judging from the dimensions and the intensity, the morning’s assault was a financially sponsored one.

Based on information obtained confidentially, we have reasonable doubts that the attack has been sponsored by the Albanian government.

To make the alibi credible, it is understood high officials of the Albanian government have hired a hackers group from India.

First, Syri.net would like to apologize for the inconvenience to its 400 thousand daily visitors.

By the other hand, we guarantee the ones that hide behind the assault that Syri.net will inform for this unlawful acts all the international organizations of media freedom and we appeal them to stop this cybernetic attempts against the free speech.

Even though we are convinced who ordered the assault on Syri.net…

It is not the first time the government and Premier Edi Rama have attacked SYRI.net and its director Çim Peka.

One of the recent cases is the one in the video, when Edi Rama attacked Syri.net.

The last time was when Rama again attacked Syri.net only a few days before the publication by the German daily Bold of the interceptions that proved Socialist Party’s participation in votes rigging.

“The news from Germany is anticipated and announced by Albania’s Çim.net”, Edi Rama said in his address to the parliament only a few days ago, on June 20.

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Ridhjeresi28/06/2019 17:44

Mafiozet e Rilindjes duhet te jene ne pozite te veshtire perderisa kane arritur ketu. Jo vetem Syri, por edhe media te tjera opozitare kane pasur probleme te tilla keto ditet e fundit, p.sh. Lapsi. I urojme fund te shpejte, sic edhe pritet

ddd)x28/06/2019 17:40

Cim Peka .te lumt bash burr je,fjalet e dretja nuk ka haker bote qe mbyll.respekte pa fund Syri Net,

Askushi 28/06/2019 16:14

Askush spo e kupton banden qe ka mberthyer vendin, gangesterin Rama...mjere ne ,qendro i dashur Cim Peka, rezisto me sa te mundesh, vetem mos u nenshtro, vetem mos prano te jesh vegel e rames e pazareve te tij. edhe ne se ta mbyllin portalin, me mire se ta mbash hapur duke sjitur corben e helmet te Rames. Nuk ja hap dot syte shqiptarve, por te mos ja verbosh, sic po bejne mediat e tjera.

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