The French messages for EU negotiations

The French messages for EU negotiations

By Kastriot Islami - 18/10/2019

Even in 2019 there will be no EU accession negotiations with Albania… Albanians should read this unanimous decision by EU Heads of State…

The responsibility falls upon the Rama government and Rama as its head… Of course, the opposition, the civil society, the business sector, the media, even the citizens are responsible too.

But neither the EU, nor France, nor Germany, nor the Netherlands, nor Spain, nor Denmark, nor Belgium are responsible ... But part of responsibility falls upon Junker, Mogherini, Hahn and Fleckentein for not telling the truth to the Albanians and for supporting the Rama government, thus increasing their expectations with the empty spoon…

To better understand these conclusions, one should read the French messages very carefully:

Message I: Don't listen to Rama and his government's lies about imaginary successes….

France, or more precisely the French Minister for European Affairs has made it clear: "France has said NO to the opening of EU negotiations with Albania, nor has it demanded conditions ..."; France has just said that “… Albania has not done its homework in 2018…”, and that’s it. Therefore the French message to Albanians is clear: the Albanian government has said NO to the opening of EU negotiations … And this has been said also by Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and even those who have called for the opening of negotiations, so this is a unanimous assessment. That only Rama rejects because this assessment points the responsibility to Rama and his government…

Message II: Everything Mohgerini, Hahn, Flekstein told you do not represent the Albanian reality

France has very elegantly sent the message to the Albanians, that in fact is addressed to Junker, Mogherini, Hahn and Fleckestein, that the European Commission's proposal for the immediate and unconditional opening of negotiations with Albania does not reflect the reality in Albania, thus believe the assessment of member states. In other words, Albania, unlike what Junker, Mogherini, Hahn and Fleckenstein say, has not fulfilled the tasks we have set for 2018. France on this occasion has told its partners but also the Albanians that the political assessment of the opening of the negotiations from now onward will be made by the European Council. Therefore, France has demanded that the rules of the integration process be changed (in this case, those of the opening of negotiations), before the candidate countries, namely Albania that has not fulfilled its duties, start negotiations with the EU.

Message III: Failure to respond or respond by migrating to your mismanagement can result in costs.

France has already sent another message to Albanians: If you do not respond to your government that does not meet the conditions for opening negotiations but you find the solution by seeking political asylum in us, then we are warning you about the issue of free movement in the EU that you have misused by seeking political asylum. Therefore, by not responding or responding through immigration attempts will have a cost: the free movement decision that Albanians are abusing by seeking political asylum will be reviewed.

* Mr. Kastriot Islami is a former Foreign Minister of Albania, 2003-2005


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