Berisha: Today I feel mujahedeen, the accuse was written in Tehran, Albania acted like a vassal of Iran

10:27, 22/06/2023
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The statement of Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha in the Albanian Parliament today:

Today, I am mujahedeen; let's observe a minute of silence for the martyr of freedom killed at Ashraf 3 Camp

I am here to declare today that at this moment, I feel more than ever one of them; I feel a mujahedin, a freedom fighter.

I extend to them my sincerest feelings of support and empathy.

I feel mujahedeen today because the amoral government of this country killed a freedom fighter in his bread, in his shelter.

I feel mujahedeen today more than ever because yesterday's indictment that you read is the most shameful story for a country.

It was written in Teheran.

The indictment was based entirely on slander, fabrications of the ayatollahs' services.

The indictment contained elements of extreme humiliation of Albania and Albanians, as if it were not a NATO member country but as if it was a vassal of Iran.

To consider them as a basis to exercise the most shameful retaliation in the history of this country is a shame in itself.

Therefore, I demand the immediate resignation of the Minister of the Interior.

We should observe silence for the martyr of freedom who fell to become immortal.

I invite you to observe a minute of silence!




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