'Europa ka parë sharlatanë, ndaj e dëgjon me indiferencë Ramën, një kultivues të rëndomtë droge'

Vasili ridicules Rama’s ‘warning’: Europe has seen many charlatans, it’s indifferent to the ordinary drugs cultivator

13:28, 06/12/2017

Head of the LSI parliamentary group Petrit Vasili said the European Union has seen many charlatans and is not impressed with Albanian Premier Edi Rama’s “warning” that the Western Balkans countries may turn to China, Russia and Turkey should EU lose interest on them.

"The incriminated Prime Minister makes the ignorant and the interesting one in Europe”, Vasili said.

"Europe has seen many political charlatans, that’s why they listen to indifferently and despise this ordinary drugs cultivator. Albania and Albanians have been eternally biased to Westwards, to the United States and Europe. The politicians that wanted to impose a different orientation are remembered despicably by Albanians and they see similarly with despise the Premier’s hysteria which shows China, Russia and others to the face of Europe and the United States”.

“The incompetent and anti-Albanian Premier cannot stand the legal state that Americans and Europeans want in Albania, because that would be against drugs, corruption and concessions”.

“This little-educated one tries to give a piece of his mind to thousands-years-old Europe, he wants to build a state of traffickers, criminals and adventurers. He is lost, he’ll go and will be ridiculed as lost-minded person”.

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