Llalla dhe 3 ministra nxjerrin udhëzim të ri për kanabisin

Prosecutor Llalla and three ministries issue a new directive on cannabis

16:36, 25/05/2017

After confrontations between the General Prosecution Office and State Police, four institutions have issued a new directive in cooperation with each-other for the elimination of cannabis.

Syri.net has understood the directive has been issued by Prosecutor General Adriatik Llalla, the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment. According to the new directive, cannabis will no longer be destroyed on the spot by fire as the police have done so far.

The narcotic plants will be sequestered and a court of law will decide the further steps. In the cases when cannabis will be destroyed by fire, the process will take place in the warehouse of the Center of Technical-Material Provisions in the area of Mullet, in the district of Tirana. The police will have to wait for the prosecutor and the destruction of cannabis will be made only in a prosecutor’s presence.

A few months ago, Llalla accused the police of destroying the sequestered cannabis without the presence of a prosecutor, as foreseen by the law.


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