Berisha rejects ‘the electoral farce’: The narco-state implemented the program to annihilate the freedom of voting

13:24, 15/05/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha rejected the outcome of Sunday’s municipal elections election in Albania, accusing the government of buying votes. Berisha spoke in a communication with the public of an “electoral farce” that intended the annihilation of the freedom of voting.

"The electoral machine of the first and only narco-state in Europe, the terrible vote-buying industry, the world of crime and oligarchy violated the Albanian votes like never before in the history of this country”, said the former Prime Minister.

“There are countless acts that prove that during these months, the narco-state implemented the program of annihilating the freedom of voting, buying it, terrorizing Albanian voters. This is a difficult day, a heavy day for the freedoms and rights of Albanian citizens. It is a moment of agony for democratic values in the country. I am here to condemn with the greatest force, to reject this electoral farce, characterized from alpha to omega by state electoral crime and ordinary crime”.


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