The abandonment of the Renaissance by the honest socialists and their ‘immigration’ to SMI. This is why Rama attacks Meta!

The abandonment of the Renaissance by the honest socialists and their ‘immigration’ to SMI. This is why Rama attacks Meta!

13:20, 28/10/2020
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By Prof.  Dr.  Kastriot Islami

1. Recently the true and honest socialists seem to have massively abandoned Renaissance and Rama, so they have not admitted to being misused and deceived by Rama to keep the dangerous Renaissance sect in power and to turn many of the oligarchs into millionaires and the thieves of Rama, the billionaire.  Moreover, a large part of them have appeared ready to join the Socialist Movement for Integration.  This has infuriated Rama to the extreme.  This seems to be the main reason for Rama's attack on Meta.

2. All other reasons are peripheral, while Machiavellian rhetoric and street vocabulary is the mask through which Rama and his gang are trying to hide the essence of their rage related to the deep loss that the abandonment of the honest Socialists would cause but also their eventual joining with the SMI.  Because this in electoral terms meant ‘great contraction’ of the Renaissance and ‘expansion’ with the same measure of the SMI…

3. From the beginning, I must make it clear to all that Rama's attacks have nothing to do with the institutional ‘fierce struggle’ between the Prime Minister and President Meta, nor the personal battle between Edi Rama and Ilir Meta, as the media tries to present Rama's unprecedented street language attacks on the President… Even going further and attacking President Meta, in a diabolical way that he is behaving like the Chairman of the SMI, which is neither true nor can it cover the undeniable fact  of the abandonment of the Renaissance by the socialists and the eventual transfer of a large part of them to the SMI… ??And moreover, the latter does not come from the incitement of Meta or other SMI leaders but is related only to the eight-year hostile mistreatment of them by Rama and his renaissance gang who misused their vote to steal and accumulate illegal wealth.

4. Moreover, Ilir Meta has stood firmly and calmly, articulating principled positions and defending the dignity of the post of President and not responding symmetrically directly to the street language attacks.  Of course, by not avoiding these shameful attacks at all, but by confronting them with institutional determination and seriousness, in defense of the Constitution and the rule of law, and more specifically of the institution of free and fair elections.

5. Citizens should not fall prey to the frauds of Rama's disinformation office and his fake media, which are paid with the dirty money of corruption and trafficking.  Even this should serve to convince that one-sided street language attacks belong only to Edi Rama.  Who through an insidious and Gebelsian strategy is trying to achieve a well-defined electoral goal.  More specifically, Rama is attacking Meta to deceive for the third time the honest socialists, whose vote has brought him and keeps him in power.  This infamous and failed strategy is designed to ensure the preservation of his personal power or at worst to guarantee his impunity after the April 25, 2021 elections.

6. Rama is very afraid of Ilir Meta, considering him a ‘political animal’, who as he has supported and has prevented him from taking power several times, but who can also cut the claws with which Rama has robbed and  holds the authoritarian and corrupt power.  But this is not the main and direct reason for the street language attack of Rama and his dogs…

7. Rama has always considered Meta the main ‘internal’ ‘friend’ who, through deceptions, lies, insidious Machiavellian actions, seductive offers, and other dishonest actions, tried to (mis)support his in hard days and in good days.  But even that is not the reason for the charlatan attack against Meta.  Charlatanesk that Rama in parallel with the public street rhetoric and unconstitutional actions to dismiss Meta or ‘wrinkle’ his powers, is said to have sent Meta a perverted and mafia offer.

8. Rama has played a dangerous game with some regional ‘friends’ against the national interests of Albania and Albanians, and in all these efforts, Meta has resulted in a strong ‘bone’ left in his throat, exposing all tricks, maneuvers and insidious efforts, convinced that Rama's anti-Albanian actions would seriously undermine the sovereignty of Albania and Albanian lands and the stability of the region.  But even this is not a reason that can explain Rama's shameful attack because Rama does not worry about any of these topics despite the fact that he occasionally plays the role of ‘disguised nationalist’.  Meanwhile, in reality, all his tricks and attempts, supposedly ‘nationalist’ but essentially ‘anti-national’, have to do only with his personal authoritarian power and the guarantee for his individual impunity.

9. Rama has occupied all constitutional institutions, and the only one that has remained uncontrolled is that of the President of the country held by Ilir Meta, who moreover was elected with the votes of the SP.  But even this does not explain the aggressive and unprecedented attacks of Rama because he is clear that the usurpation of the post of President before the parliamentary elections is not only impossible but also a ‘red line’ drawn by Albanians and internationals.  A short-sighted action.  In short, Rama has no chance to usurp this post before the elections despite the disgusting propaganda or insidious tricks.

10. Rama in reality is trying, in one of the most probable options, to seize after the elections of April 25, 2021, the position of President, for himself, as the only guarantee to protect himself from punishment.  In other words, Rama will try to achieve this goal only after the April 25 parliamentary elections and depending on the future political configuration, which he is trying, through electoral manipulation, to transform according to his interests, in the sense of having a decisive role.  in determining future governance.  This is where the main reason, but disguised, of Rama's road attack is hidden, while Meta is fighting strongly against the election manipulation but also against Rama's tricks to include him in this dirty game…

11. Rama is clear from the polls that the election loss is evident and deep.  This truth worries him a lot, because the loss of the elections for him does not mean simply the loss of the prime minister's chair but also the beginning of the investigation of his oppression over 20 years and eventually his punishment and the seizure of illegal assets.  This frightens him, especially as he leaves power, which he experiences very badly because he is unable to do anything but ‘rob public property and arrogantly exercise power.’  This has pushed him to engage with all means and means to manipulate the election result…

12. Rama has come to the conclusion that the great loss of electoral support has come for the most part from the ‘disappointment, boredom, revolt…’ of the honest socialists, whom he has not only consciously always hated (they themselves  'have never believed such a thing, though they have always suspected it) but have also misused and deceived them during these eight years.  Most of them are ‘fanatics’ of the Socialist Party of Albania and have always considered it their party of the heart.  But this is the first time they do not want to vote for the Renaissance, which has taken over the logo, name, building of their party.  These socialists have massively abandoned Rama and his sect, while a large part of them are ready to join the SMI…

13. Polls show Rama deeply losing.  Therefore, Rama is trying with all the tricks, ways and means to deceive the honest socialists once again, but apparently this no longer works as Rama thinks.  This has infuriated Edi Rama a lot because he feels for the first time in his political life how the real and honest socialists are not ‘eating the soap for cheese’, that is to say, they are not eating his lies and deceptions.  This is the deep and real reason why Rama fiercely attacks Meta.  Which the real socialists see as an ‘alternative to escape’ from the great evil that has befallen them even though they had and still have reservations about Meta or the SMI, but which are much much smaller than the unimaginable hatred and disgust they have  for Rama and the Renaissance…

14. Rama together with the backbone of his greyhounds have launched the aggressive attack against Meta because he thinks it can mitigate the revolt of the real and honest socialists, and prevent them from abandoning the Renaissance or uniting a large part of them with SMI.  Through these street attacks Rama thinks that he would mitigate the electoral effect of this great abandonment by preventing their vote for the SMI and accepting in extreme their abstention…

15. Rama forgets that most honest socialists are revolted to the extreme only by Rama's eight-year-old behavior and deception.  And there has not been and they have no other reason to force them to withdraw their support for their ‘heart’ party.  This time, it seems that a large part of them are determined not to accept any deception of Rama except his departure and that of the Renaissance.  And apparently they are determined to contribute unequivocally by giving their vote to the SMI or in the most ‘peaceful’ case by abstaining… This has infuriated and shocked to the extreme Rama who has shamefully attacked Meta.

16. Rama in these circumstances has built the scheme of new frauds for the three segments of the revolted socialists.  All three of these schemes have in common the aggressive attack against Meta, because he erroneously judges that the consequences of the mistreatment of honest socialists can be repaid or compensated by erecting a ‘high wall of hatred’ of socialists against Meta, with the Machiavellian idea of ??deterring socialists  revolted to ‘immigrate’ to the SMI, threatening to ‘stay inside the high perimeter wall’ after no chance are alright from his renaissance ghetto.

17. Rama sees this time Meta as the most efficient ‘funnel’ to gather the flow of angry socialists with Rama and the treacherous Renaissance sect Rama to whom Rama and the Renaissance sect misused their vote and through which the Renaissance oligarchy was enriched  and the dome of the sect, who, moreover, have been hated and ignored by the real socialists for four years, and only during the month before the elections, they have tried to deceive them by fooling them but also by threatening them.

18. Rama to deceive the real socialists for the third time, is also using some cunning former socialists, well known as clientelists for the sake of their personal interests, are ready to lower their backs and be used again by Rama to deceive the socialists  simple, propagating that ‘Rama this time wants power for the real socialists’ and ‘we must support him.’  Rama, in order to make these deceitful socialists credible, has placed them in the direction of the local structures of the Socialist Party of Albania to deceive the honest socialists.  Whereas at the head of the main enterprises of the country Rama has placed corrupt former socialist leaders, simply to create the impression of ‘employment’ of the family members of the revolted socialists.

19. This lie of Rama will last until April 25, 2021. To put it bluntly, these cunning socialists from Rama in leading positions will no longer be able to be in charge of them after April 26, 2021, because Rama himself would dismiss them  , while Rama after this date, corroded by the unimaginable loss, will be looking for escape from punishment.  But even all those naive socialists who would ‘agree to be fooled’ for the third time, would in any case lose their ‘benefits’ after April 26, 2021.


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