Altin Dumani acknowledges the existence of the 'Republic of Prosecutors': It seems as though the courts operate according to our preferences

13:49, 04/04/2024
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Altin Dumani, Statement of the head of Special Prosecution Office for Organised Crime and Corruption, has acknowledged today what has long been discussed: the establishment of the "Republic of Prosecutors" in Albania.

While I am seeking employment from Edi Rama after stepping down from the position of head of SPAK, Altin Dumani's actions demonstrate that the 'Republic of Prosecutors' is serving him more faithfully. Therefore, the Prime Minister should also consider their interests and organize my workplace accordingly.

"Every case of innocence has been appealed by the prosecutors and the courts consistently rule in our favor. This holds true even for the guilty verdicts of individuals we recommend for retrial. Of course, the Courts always rule pursuant to our request”, - stated Dumani.

Dumani's statement underscores the unprecedented level of subservience and fear exhibited by the SPAK prosecutors towards the majority.

The fundamental principle of a democratic system is the separation of powers, where each branch of government operates independently. Within this system, the judiciary's decisions should not be influenced by the prosecution, and vice versa.

Dumani's admission implies that in Albania, extraordinary events occur, wherein the court appears to serve as a mere formality for Edi Rama's political prosecutors. The court decides what the likes of Dumani want.

The SPAK prosecutors have been operating beyond the limits of their legal authority for a considerable period, relying on the political protection afforded by the majority.


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