FOTO/ Denoncimi me dokumente për skandalin e radarëve. Rama: Kush janë gjeneralët e korrupsionit

LSI’s Deputy Chairman Luan Rama shows new details from the radars scandal

10:49, 02/10/2017

Deputy Chairman of LSI Luan Rama has continued today exposing new details from the scandal of turning off the coast radars, giving the drug traffickers the possibility to traffic hundreds of kilos of cannabis with their dinghy boats towards Italy.

Rama made public some documents showing the monthly payments of 97 million Lek for a maintenance company.

“The Ministry of Defense pays each month 97 million Lek to a private company for the maintenance of the radars that do not work”, Rama said.

“The radars installed to observe on the sea space of the Republic of Albania have been out of function for over two years. Said in the military language, the Integrated System of Sea Space Surveillance is not operational”.

“In me evaluation, we are facing a criminal activity, Mafioso organization for damaging the system, intentional threatening of people at sea, threatening of the fundamental elements of the national security”.


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