Albania, Türkiye and “The Great Ataturk”

Albania, Türkiye and “The Great Ataturk”

14:26, 16/05/2024
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By Ali Kilic, former Mayor of Maltepe, Istanbul

The words of Ilir Meta , Chairman of the Albanian Freedom Party, "Justice belongs to the people" were also quite remarkable. I say 'remarkable', the reflections from the second congress of the Freedom Party reflect similar problems of the two countries, right? Ilir Meta says , “An entire people suffers due to lack of justice…” do I need to say anything?.. 

 I visited Ilir Meta when I went to Albania, and hosted him when he came to Turkey. Political relations aside, I can say that we are friends. I called Ilir Meta and congratulated him on his election as the Chairman of his party . In this meeting , Ilir Meta emphasized that Turkey is an important actor not only for Albania but also for the region. Describing his relations with the opposition in Turkey as "excellent" , Ilir Meta emphasized that his relations with the AKP will always be open with an honest approach.

“AKP is a political force that made a tremendous contribution to the recognition of Kosovo many years ago. "It is also important for the future," said Ilir Meta, adding that although Prime Minister  Edi Rama personalizes his relations with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey is and will continue to be a very important partner for Albania. So I think he said; “Even though they are being talked about today, names are not important. "The main thing is Turkey and Albania."

I mentioned the similarities in two different countries; Now let me end my article with a similarity in the thoughts of two people in two different countries:
Ilir Meta said : “We believe that Turkey will know how to orient itself in the direction of Europe, the foundations of which were laid by the great Ataturk.”
Come on now and say " Albanian of the Hand "!..

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, whom the whole world knows and speaks of with respect, is also known by the friendly politician of the friendly country, Ilir Meta.
Yes, Mr. Meta, as you said, we know how Turkey will turn towards Europe, where the great Atatürk laid the foundations!..


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