Will Lulzim Basha report 'Biniatta Trade' as a Russian company to the Council of Europe

Will Lulzim Basha report 'Biniatta Trade' as a Russian company to the Council of Europe

21:41, 12/09/2023
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A day ago  Lulzim  Basha has arrived at a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, at the request of Edi Rama.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla, sent Basha to this meeting as a substitute for the socialist MP Blerina Gjylameti. But the peak of irony reached today, when it was reported that the Council of Europe has appointed Lulzim Basha as the rapporteur for the confiscation of Russian assets. According to rose media the decision came after Basha presented a draft resolution to the Council of Europe that calls for the confiscation of Russian assets, the establishment of an international fund to deposit the confiscated assets and the placement of these funds at the disposal of financing projects of the reconstruction of Ukraine.
Lulzim Basha is the only politician in Albania, officially accused by the US intelligence services, of being financed with Russian money.

The US intelligence report was released last September where it was emphasized that Russia has given over 300 million dollars to political parties and candidates in dozens of countries. Meanwhile, half a million dollars have been given to Lulzim Basha.

"In Albania, Russia gave about half a million dollars to the Democratic Party in 2017 through phantom companies," a US government source told VOA after the report was released. The source did not provide further details on the case of Albania. But the year 2017, the name of the Democratic Party and the mentioned figure of 500 thousand dollars coincide with the investigations that were opened in Albania at that time against the DP based on the statements that the American lobbying firm 'Muzin Capitol Partners' reported that it received from the DP here.

The American lobbying firm had declared in 2018 to the US Department of Justice that it had received a total of three payments, in the amount of 675 thousand dollars, for its work in favor of the Democratic Party in 2017.

The first payment is dated  on March 24, 2017 and was made by the firm "Biniatta Trade LP", with a value of 150 thousand dollars, the other two payments, according to the statement, were made by the Democratic Party, one on March 27, for 25 thousand dollars, and the other on June 9 for $500,000.

This scorching file has been closed in Albania by order of Edi Rama, but remains open at the highest levels in the USA.

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