Albanian-Americans of Michigan should vote for Trump.

Albanian-Americans of Michigan should vote for Trump.

By Çim Peka - 06/04/2024

While the American presidential campaign is taking shape with a re-confrontation between presidents Trump and Biden, it seems that the state of Michigan with 15 electoral voteswill carry a lot of weight for both camps this time around, as a swing state. With a community of about two hundred thousand people, the Albanian community should clearly position itself in favor of President Trump for at least three reasons.

A few days ago, on Fox News, conservative journalist Mark Levin, while criticizing foreign policy and especially Secretary of State Blinken said: 'Look, I as you know, I can talk all day about the Balkans and what Anthony Blinkenhas done to the Conservative Party in Albania is shameful. No one pays attention to it. But he put them under sanctions because they challenged the socialiststhat he loves. While Levin's observation is entirely correct, it is incomplete. Blinken's attitude towards Albania is dictated by George Soros and does not fit the interests of our two allied countries. SaliBerisha is the only statesman alive, who fought a communist regime and defeated it. He is the political leader who returned Albania to the West, making it a member of the Council of Europe, of NATO, while placing the USA at the center of Albania’s foreign policy orientation. He was sanctioned because he is the only conservative leader in this part of the world who challenges George Soros ideologically.

Anthony Blinken will be remembered as the Secretary of State who made possible the arrest of the opposition Conservative leader of an allied country; crushed its opposition, and damaged relations between the two peoples. Albanians are the most pro-American nation in the world, but thanks to the support of Soros and Blinken for the socialist government, Albania has turned into a narco-state. Prime Minister Rama's brother is involved in international drug trafficking, but he is untouchable by the justice system, which was reformed by the Soros Foundation with American government’s support. Of the two prosecutors who closed his case, one was rewarded by being appointed as General Prosecutor, while the other as Special Prosecutor. The Mayor of Tirana ErionVeliaj, although all of his colleagues are currently in prison for massive corruption, does not face justice only because he is supported by Alex Soros. Today, Albania faces its biggest challenge in centuries. In the last 10 years, about 30% of the population has left the country because of poverty. Rama’s continuation in power will undo the Albanians as a nation.

President Trump has a solidlegacy regarding Kosovo. He stopped the division of Kosovo; a project of the Soros Foundation in Belgrade, even though certain elements of his administration were in favor of such project. Trump was the only American president who brought together the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia in the Oval Office and forced them to reach an agreement for the normalization of their relations. He secured Israel's recognition of Kosovo. Trump avoided the conflict in the Balkans, but that agreement was canceled by the administration of President Biden. The President himself had a legacy of supporting Kosovo as a decades-long senator, but that legacy was undone by the State Department.

Kosovo is independent because of the United States with bi-partisan support. In the last three years, the approach of the State Department is completely pro-Serbian, while exerting unfair pressure on the Kosovo authorities.

President Vucic wants to keep Serbia as a regional factor through threats of war. The incitement of tribal hatred and historical grievances with the language of Marxism-Leninism by the Milosevic regime led to the destruction of multi-ethnic Yugoslavia and the genocide against Albanians and Bosniaks. President Vucic has returned to the same rhetoric. The parallels of this rhetoric with American Wokeism cannot be ignored. President Vucic is supported by George Soros, too.

Finally, ideological Marxism is not our struggle. Europe is at war; the Balkans are on the brink, and the third world war is closer than ever. The last thing that should concern Albanians and Americans alike, is whether the sunlight is racist, or whether the global warming causes psychological stress to LGBT community in sub-Saharan Africa.


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