Vasili attacks Rama: The PM never gets tired of lying about drugs

Vasili attacks Rama: The PM never gets tired of lying about drugs

13:30, 07/09/2017

"The Prime Minister never gets tired of lying about drugs”, the former minister of Justice Petrit Vasili said today. The head of the LSI parliamentary group was commenting PM Edi Rama’s recent statements that “the drugs traffic will continue for only a little longer, before being closed before the end of this year”.

Vasili, who always referes to Rama as “the little-schooled”, said the situation is different from what Rama presents it.

"The Prime Minister had said hundreds of times before they had eliminated 99% of the drugs. Today he said the drugs will continue, but he will eliminate it within this year”, Vasili said.

“The Director of Police says we cannot capture the drugs because the radars do not work, the Minister of Defense says they do. This Prime Minister that heads this anti-government that lies not only the people but itself too, does this in order to encourage the drugs to continue, the criminality to feel safe and police to be involved as a part and not in an uncompromised war on drugs”.

“The Prime Minister lives together with the criminal situation and the economic ruin. Deception is Rama’s style. He has a total lack of results of his government but he also lacks vision due to his proverbial little-schooling”.


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