Luan Rama reproaches President Meta: Focusing on the fires should not make one forget the war on drugs

Luan Rama reproaches President Meta: Focusing on the fires should not make one forget the war on drugs

18:50, 04/08/2017

Albanian President Ilir Meta received the Interior Minister Dritan Dermiraj today to talk about the situation in the country.

After the meeting, the deputy chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) Luan Rama said that despite of the fires that have covered the country the focus of attention should not be removed away from the drugs.

In a Facebook post, Rama asks President Meta if he asked the minister about the drugs traffic.

“Focusing on the fires should not make us “forget” the list of drugs criminals. As it was officially announced, the President of the Republic received the Interior Minister and according to the press release, the Head of State discussed with concern and maximal attention about the serious situation the country is in because of the fires in several counties.

So far it’s OK, because the fires are burning Albania”, Rama writes.

“But, I am concerned whether the President was informed by the Interior Minister about that other “fire”, the drugs, that is burning Albanian for years now and was re-ignited in the time of Renaissance in the whole territory.

Was the President informed about the list of 124 names declared as drugs criminals by the Prime Minister and later by the Interior Minister?

Focusing on the fires that are burning Albania should not make us forget the list of the drugs criminals.

If the President of the Republic has not been officially briefed from the Inter Minister about the list and what is being done to send them before the law, He must call the minister again.

He must call him and not only to be briefed. The President must also call the Prosecutor General, the directors of Intelligence and the Prime Minister, because the war on drugs must transform inton a nation action”, Luan Rama wrote.


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Bogdan05/08/2017 09:03

Nuk e thote hapur por ky dashka listen me 124 bose droge per te lajmeruar te vetet.

Lali04/08/2017 19:37

Shoku leone di rama, merre me qetesi e dashuri sepse keshtu ju ka mesuar i pari juaj..... mos u ngut

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