Is the “big lover” of the Socialist Party Daan Everts returning to lead the elections monitoring mission?

Is the “big lover” of the Socialist Party Daan Everts returning to lead the elections monitoring mission?

14:56, 16/05/2017

OSCE/ODIHR is preparing to bring to Albania a huge team in Albania with the mission of monitoring the general elections scheduled on June 18th. Sources from OSCE/ODIHR offices in Tirana told the mission will be chaired by Daan Everts, the infamous former chief of OSCE Mission to Tirana in the period 1997-199, once dubbed by the Democrats as “the Socialists lover”.

Everts is known to the Albanian public and politics not merely because of his important function as chief of OSCE Mission, but mostly for open bias in favour of the Socialist Party and the harsh conflicts with the Democratic opposition.

Daan Everts partial and particular relation with PS, which had just returned to power following the civilian unrest of 1997, reached the climax when he accepted and “legalized” the referendum of 1998 for Constitution amendments, without the participation of the opposition.

Everts was appointed chief of OSCE Mission in Kosovo in 1999, but his influence on Tirana’s office continued to be extraordinary, as was his close relation with the Socialist government.

From Kosovo, in 2000, he inspired and supported the government’s idea that the new Electoral Code could be done unilaterally, again without the participation of the Democrat opposition, giving full support to the Socialist Party in this typically non-democratic affair. The parliament passed the bill with 84 votes, without the opposition. The Electoral Code had a bad impact on the elections and it took ten years, from 2002 to 2012, to return it to normality somehow.

Everts-influenced deeds and experiments with the slaughtering of the legal framework for the electoral processes in Albania do not end there.

Also in 2000, the office of OSCE/ODIHR, with the same experts that had worked under Everts’ lead, supported the Socialist government’s madness which allowed it to make the elections lists on its own. Consequently, the lists made by the government and the Central Electoral Commission controlled by it had 600 thousand duplicates in 2.4 million voters. In other words, 25% of the list was manipulated.

In the same year, the government was supported in its efforts to draw the 100 electoral zones on its own, without the opposition. The majority of the electoral zones figured in the traditional bastions of the Left, mainly in the south of the country. According to this typical Mafioso scheme, the opposition would need 20% more votes than the normal in the North in order to win a mandate, while the government needed 20% less votes in the South.

In August 2000, Daan Everts returned to Tirana with invitation of Premier Pandeli Majko, who reserved him a special reception for the extraordinary contribution while in duty and also after that. The Socialist Party, through President Rexhep Meidani honoured Everts with the decorate “For Special Merits”.

It seems the time has come again for him to be called for his old friends cause…



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evropi17/05/2017 17:32

ç,na ka gjet me keta te PD !!! çdo i huaj tani po i duket armik ! Ja sollem dhe kryetarin e PPE (e djathta europiane) dhe as ate se degjuan ! Une them ti pyesim njehere se mos valle jane dakort qe ne krye te OSBE te veme Saliun ? Si thoni ju ?

`c17/05/2017 15:07

Jot eme ne vend te linde nje femije, paskej bere nje f... me ere te keqe o erlind. Po ju te PD po pyet me mllef ? Po ti more funderine, ke kerkon te perfaqesosh ? Enverin apo Edverin

Lani16/05/2017 21:08

Per keta me nder te derguar duhet te kujtoni vargjet e Fishtes se Madh kushtuar Europes " O moj Europe moj k e motit.

goni16/05/2017 16:49

Nuk ngeli pederaste europiane pa ardhur ketu.......sikur nuk na dalin keta qe kemi....

nino 16/05/2017 16:40

edhe ky duhej se ka pak palaco europa ketu

Cimi16/05/2017 16:19

Ore nuk po marrim vesh. Per cfare qendruam ne cader deri tani? Per pazar ministrash apo qeveri teknike? Po qe se Rama mbetet ne qeveri i bie futja kot.

Ilir Myftiu16/05/2017 15:39

Nese doni te dini ky eshte fytyra me e uryer, dhe me anti shqiptare, me sa po shikoj dikush, Po kujdeset qe ta destabilizojne dhe nje here shqiperine

erlind16/05/2017 15:16

po ju te PD ckeni? ju sdo merrni pjese ne zgjedhje apo jo? shikoni TV dhe argetohuni nderkohe

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