Berisha condemns Rama’s attacks against Kosovo PM Kurti: He speaks like a vassal of Vučić

12:13, 05/06/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha condemned in the parliament today Albanian Premier Edi Rama’s attacks against Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti. Rama blamed Kurti for the tense situation in north Kosovo. Berisha said Rama’s aim is to save himself from the corruptive affair with disgraced former FBI Special Agent Charles McGonigal.

“I am here to denounce the syntony of Edi Rama’s attitude with that of his master Vučić”, Berisha addressed to the parliament.

“A dramatic situation was created in north Kosovo. An analysis has been made supporting strongly the right of the Government of Kosovo to impose the rule of law in all its territory. I appeal for maintaining the rule of law and coordination its actions with the international factors. But I’d like to denounce the daily shameful anti-Albanian attacks of Edi Rama against the Prime Minister of Kosovo. (His) attacks (are) in syntony only with one man and that is his master Vučić”.

“The other night, Rama’s television claimed Kosovo chose war before peace. Could there a bigger instigation than this appeal of Edi Rama on behalf of Vučić in Tirana? Edi Rama’s attacks against Albin Kurti and the Government of Kosovo show that he is anti-Albanian, and a slave of his master in Belgrade. He has changed Tirana into a loudspeaker for Belgrade. He thinks he could escape punishment for the McGonigal affair, but nothing will save him from punishment. Albanians will say their word”.


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