Berisha: A Mafioso Albanian and international effort to eliminate the opposition failed

Berisha: A Mafioso Albanian and international effort to eliminate the opposition failed

13:25, 29/05/2023
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha said today the Albanian opposition gave the deserved answer the scenario that aimed the destruction of the national through the destruction of the opposition.

“An Albanian-international Mafioso effort to eradicate the Albanian opposition failed in the most shameful way”, Berisha said in a meeting with the opposition mayoral candidates today.

“Never before the Albanian and international mafia had made such an open, anti-Constitutional, anti-lawful effort to put out the opposition in Albania! Never before took place such an open effort to put the opposition under the control of Edi Rama’s Mafioso interests. The Albanian and international mafia did everything to stop us from entering the mayoral elections”.

Berisha also repeated his accusations against US Ambassador Yuri Kim for meddling in the legal process over the Democratic Party seal, which was given to former disgraced chairman Lulzim Basha’s faction.

“Edi Rama, with the help of the US Ambassador, the McGonigal with a skirt, interfered in the trial process in violation of every principle of the national and international right and took away forcefully the logo and seal, three days before the start of the campaign, to stop us from running. But we could not fall victims to an anti-Albanian, antidemocratic act of Edi Rama’s and George Soros’ mafia. That could not happen!”

“In spite of all this, you managed to get half a million votes. You managed to tell this anti-Albanian mafia that this people has democratic ideals, this people does not accept monism. It was a definitive answer to the scenario that aimed to destruct the nation through the destruction of the opposition”.


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