Meta introduces a support plan for the protection of the Albanian families

12:04, 15/03/2023
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Freedom Party Chairman Ilir Meta, participated in a panel discussion on the role of the family in society, where he emphasized the Albanian families have been shaken due to extreme difficulties and the lack of supportive policies.

The former President of Albania said one of the most serious problems the country and families are facing is the departure of young people and rapid depopulation.

Meta revealed some of the plans for Albanian families, while proposing support for young couples with loans and encouraging fertility in the country.

Meta’s proposals

1. Nurseries and kindergartens must be built according to European standards. Unfortunately, in Tirana, the country capital, we have overpopulated areas, where there are no kindergartens and nurseries, or where parents have to waste time to take their children to the nearest nursery or kindergarten.

2. The number of nurseries and kindergartens must be increased, so that we no longer have rooms with 40 or more children, where taking care and paying attention to each of them has become very difficult for teachers.

3. We must support young families, offering them the possibility that their children are safe and calm in kindergartens and nurseries while both parents work. For this, it is necessary to extend the schedule of nurseries and kindergartens.

4. For the well-being of our children, we need an increase in the quality of food in nurseries and kindergartens, but also an increase in food quality controls by the responsible structures of the municipality.

- On the other hand, we need to support and encourage new mothers to have more children, offering them better support infrastructures, increasing the number of consultants and health centers, which unfortunately in Tirana, even though the population has multiplied, have not increased accordingly.

- Also, the support of women and girls, as an essential part of the family through their economic, political and social empowerment inside and outside the family, fighting the violence against them, the dedication of special programs to encourage start-ups by girls and women, supporting female heads of households, strengthening economic assistance for female heads of households and for newborns, increasing social assistance for children in families with divorced parents, better quality education and a more stable economy are some of the priorities of the Freedom Party in its program.

- While essential for strengthening the Albanian family and stopping the departure of young people and the depopulation of the country, concrete fiscal policies in support of it remain. There are many concrete examples of EU countries' fiscal policies in support of families and young people, which can be applied in Albania.



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