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Berisha: There’s proof Basha and Rama are together in the port of Durrës affair

14:09, 23/11/2022
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Democratic Party Chairman Sali Berisha accused the disgraced former chairman Lulzim Basha of being Premier Edi Rama’s partner in the corruptive affair of the redevelopment of the port of Durrës. Berisha said in a meeting of the Democrat parliamentary group today there is strong evidence Rama and Basha are working together.

“The port of Durrës (redevelopment) constitutes the biggest act of an economic crime from a structured criminal organization, which is robbing the main national asset from the Albanian citizens. When the media wrote that the manager of Emaar was the same person as the manager of Basha’s family business, he said he had stepped down from the latter”, said Berisha, referring to Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law.  
“At first, I believed he had resigned. But I, like everyone who believed it, was wrong, because it had not happened. One month later, the double manager was still working at Basha’s company. This is an appalling mafia affair”.


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