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The Democratic Party exposes the incinerators affair roots: Shell companies were created to extort €430 million

The Democratic Party exposes the incinerators affair roots: Shell companies were created to extort €430 million

11:13, 16/08/2022
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The Democratic Party responded today to its own questions asked on Monday concerning the waste incinerators affair and the companies hiding behind it. Who were the owners, how many staff did they employ and what budget did they have?

Democratic Party National Council member Jamarbër Malltezi not only revealed five facts but also asked five other questions concerning the affair through which the government officials extorted €430 million from the budget of the Albanians.

"Yesterday, from this platform, like every day for two weeks now, we asked five questions concerning the waste incinerators. They were the next questions in a line, but, considering the intensity of the government’s stealing, they were not just to fill up the line of questions. These are essential questions that must be answered. SPAK (the Special Structure against Corruption) kept its mouth shut”, said Malltezi.

“Only a few media and the opposition speak out repeatedly, raise questions, and seek to bring those responsible before justice. The truth is clear already: the unlawful signatures of inceneRama and incenErjon are knives on the citizens’ and justice’ backs.”

“These are the answers to the yesterday’s question:

1. The four companies: Integrated Energy - Geogenix - Almares Management and Residence Corporate Services are shell companies without staff and without any experience working with waste, but created only to hide the traces of public money movements.

All four of these companies have the same address (Delflandlaan 1, Queens Tower – Office 916, 1062 EA Amsterdam) as do hundreds of other shell companies.

2. The budget of each company

According to documents from the register of companies in the Netherlands, Geogenix (formerly known as Integrated Energy) has only €50,000 generated only from the “generous” transfer of Klodian Zoto, which in turn comes from hundreds of millions of Euros generously donated by Rama, Ahmetaj, Agaçi and Veliaj. Almares, which controls Geogenix, has only €18,000. The same amount has the shell company that owns Almares.

3. The personnel of each company:

According to documents from the Netherlands, Geogenix has zero personnel. Almares Management also has zero staff, while the owner Residence Corporate Services has only two employees. These were the companies with great experience to which Edi Rama gave 8 points and where €128 million would go for the non-existent incinerator of Tirana.

Regarding questions 4 and 5:

The company Geogenix (formerly Integrated Energy) - with zero staff and a generous gift of €50,000 from Klodian Zoto, is the basic company with which Zoto, Mërtiri, and Gugallja are operating. Geogenix is controlled by Almares Management, or the mother shell, another company with zero employees and a budget of only €18,000.

The owner of Almares Management, or the grandma shell, is Residence Corporate Services, which also has only €18,000 and only two employees/directors for the firms, of which one is the one who signs with Zoto or Garganelli, the other is the owner is A. Jangildina, born in the former Soviet Union.

So, no Albanian, not even SPAK, knows where the millions of Euros that Edi Rama generously transfers in the unknown direction of Zoto and Gugallja, who are under international arrest warrant, are going.

But the former Soviet Union citizen knows, as the owner of the ‘grandmother shell’ that controls its subsidiary shells. This mega-affair is like an endless garbage dump”.


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