The Democratic Party commemorates US Secretary Baker’s visit: 31 years later, 'freedom works' only for Rama

16:17, 22/06/2022
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The Democratic Party commemorated today the 31st anniversary of US Secretary of State James Baker, only a few months after the political pluralism was reinstalled in Albania.

“31 years ago, US Secretary of State James Baker became the first US high official that visited Albania. His visit remains unrepeatable, but his message still echoes: Freedom works!”, said Democrat MP Belind Këlliçi, commemorating Baker’s visit.

“The freedom that America inspires and emphasized by the Secretary worked for Albania which in only four years integrated perfectly in the Euro-Atlantic structures. Albania signed the Stabilization-Association Agreement in 2006; joined NATO in 2009; reached the visa liberalization (in the Schengen area) in 2010. These giant steps were made because freedom worked”.

“But freedom cannot work alone. Ten years of Edi Rama’s governance show that freedom needs to be joined by political will and love for Albania and the nation. 31 years later, freedom works for Albanians. Unfortunately, it is the freedom of abandoning the country because Rama and ten cronies have their El Dorado on the Albanians’ backs. Freedom must work for all!”


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