Basha vows to continue the battle against ‘electoral massacre' and Rama's regime

Basha vows to continue the battle against ‘electoral massacre' and Rama's regime

11:06, 04/05/2021
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Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha declared today his party will continue to gather evidence that prove the electoral massacre in April 25 general elections in Albania. The opposition chief invited the media reporters to ask three questions to the authors of the massacre, Premier Edi Rama, Social Democrat Party chairman Tom Doshi and former MP Aqif Rakipi. The latter had his mandate removed from the Central Electoral Commission for non compliance with the Law on Decriminalization. He did not run in the last elections, but his son and his son-in-law did, winning thousands of votes and MP mandates despite being completely unknown persons to the electorate.  

"April 25 is an electoral massacre, the victim of which is not the Democratic Party. Our result speaks for itself, despite the unprecedented role of organized crime, dirty money, and even the blurring of lines between the party and state. Nothing could stop the union”, Basha said.

“One thing is for sure, as we continue to gather evidence, some questions should be asked to the massacre authors: Rama, Doshi, Rakipi. How did the three deputies of Tom Doshi get the votes, how did Vangjush Dako, Jurges Çyrbja, Rrahman Rraja, and Ilir Ndraxhi get the votes? How did Aqif Rakipi's son and son-in-law get the votes? How did Aurora Mara and Gent Mara get the votes? Albania today proudly holds NATO membership. It carries this weight and pride, while it also carries this electoral massacre. One of the main conditions for NATO membership was the defense of democracy.

This battle will take place on all fronts, ways and opportunities. The end will be clear, the overthrow of the regime", said Basha promised.


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Shqiptari04/05/2021 12:42

Bravo te qofte z. BASHA! Keto jo vetem qe nuk ish zgjedhje te lira, demokratike dhe te ndershme sipas standarteve demokratike evropiane, siç ishin ato te fundit ne Kosove, por ishin nje krim i rende elektoral dhe zgjedhor. Nje krim me i rende se sa ai i dosjeve 184 dhe 339, per te cilat as nuk u denua askush. Opozita nuk ka asnje arsye qe t'i njohe keto votime fashiste dhe naziste si ato te Duçes dhe Hitlerit. Njohja nga nderkombetaret e ketyre lloj zgjedhjeve jo vetem qe do te ishte tyrpi i tyre i zi, por do te ishin nje precedent shume i rrezikshem per lirine dhe demokracine e vendeve antare në NATO. Ky krim zgjedhor, ky atentat ndaj demokracise dhe zgjedhjeve te lira, jo vetem nuk duhet te njihet nga askush, por duhet denuar dhe duhet ndeshkuar rende nga te gjithe.

Qim bq04/05/2021 12:12

Artikullin e ke gabim, thite rama doshi rakipi o qim ordineri

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