Albanian Premier Rama promises EU integration 'for the 100th time' in five years!

Albanian Premier Rama promises EU integration 'for the 100th time' in five years!

11:36, 26/02/2021
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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said today in an electoral meeting in Berat that he will go to Brussels i a few days to talk about Albania's integration and the final opening of negotiations.

As expressed during the 8 years he has been in power, Rama said Albania has fulfilled the conditions but the integration process does not depend only on the Albanian government.

"I will be in Brussels in a few days, I will have conversations. We have done our homework. So it is very clear. It is not a process that goes technically, it does not depend only on us, but on many other components", Rama said.

The Prime Minister also added all the reforms done in the country are not to convince the top brass in Brussels, but because Albania and its citizens needed them.

In fact, if there can be a failure that can be called one of the most spectacular of the Renaissance government and with the heaviest bill for the Albanians, it is the blocking and even the backwardness of the country's integration process in the European Union.

Only in the last the last five years Edi Rama has declared and celebrated three times the opening of the negotiations!

On November 29, 2016, Edi Rama gave the false news to the Albanians from Berlin: Negotiations opened without conditions!

In spring of 2017 in Tirana, he proclaimed: Negotiations will open in the fall!

In June 2018, Rama "opened" the negotiations again, even though not only Albanian government did not fulfill any of the conditions, but EU added some others. And yet, Rama insisted: Negotiations were opened unconditionally!

And on this occasion he organized a magnificent ceremony, official reception, foreign friends, MEPs, opened champagnes, delivered decorations to some local and foreign ambassadors who according to him contributed to the opening of negotiations!

But in fact not only this "opening" was another hoax, as corruption, crime, vote buy-out, elections rigging, etc., etc. had become a major concern for the EU and many of its member states.

So on September 13, 2019, Edi Rama from Berlin where he took a cold shower, was forced to declare that there will be many other conditions.

Even when the situation arose that the negotiations were opened "on paper", many EU countries blocked the Albania-EU intergovernmental meeting, which formalizes the process.

Rama blamed The Netherlands for blocking the Albania-EU intergovernmental conference and stated that Albania has fulfilled the conditions, but there are internal clashes in the EU.

"Germany is fighting hard for the integration of Albania. There are two countries where formalist negotiations are open, but the negotiating framework needs to be adopted and conferences need to be held. Until last night, the framework was fought and everything was suspended because there is no consensus. The bottom line is that the EU cannot make a decision unless everyone agrees. The other side of the coin is that the history of the process is not at all, but at all related to what we do as long as one country, two, 5 have their electoral agendas. There are elections in March (2020) in the Netherlands. It is a matter of internal interests and the ball is not in play", he said last spring, warning that the process could be postponed for another 3-4 years.

Today in Berat, where he had also promised to build an artificial isle in the middle of Osum, the river that runs through the city, repeated for the 100th time he will integrate Albania in the EU.


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Gj 26/02/2021 14:18

ik o k..r

Daj Jaku26/02/2021 13:46

Shkoi Borati në Berat. Lypja vërtet që faqen e zezë ka, por pa gje nuk të le. Ka mbi 20 vjet që lyp pushtetin me gënjeshtra dhe vjedh gjithçka i bjen në dorë, faqeziu shkon me lyp përsëri pushtetin. Popull *oqe (bashkë me mua) që e ndëgjojmë si dele në vend që të rrëmbejmë hunjtë e ta zbojmë me dru kokës e hunj në •ythë.

kadri hasbiu26/02/2021 12:20

fatkeqesia e ketij kombi eshte dita kur ky pusht komunist erdhi nga franca ne shqipri sic pat ardhur dhe babai i tije nga hajdute e imoral shqipria vetem te zeza ka par qe diten qe hyri komunizmi dhe keshtu do vazhdoj po nuk u cfaros kjo fare e keqe

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