Basha lists Edi Rama’s Top 10 failed promises

Basha lists Edi Rama’s Top 10 failed promises

11:44, 25/02/2021
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Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha listed today Premier Edi Rama’s Top 10 failures during his nearly eight-year tenure. Basha posted on his Facebook page a picture with two columns, one named “Rama’s promises” and the other named “The Result”, filled with red X-signs, to show the broken promises.

Rama’s Top 10 failed promises according to Basha:

Creating 300,000 new jobs

Free health care

Opening accession negotiations with EU

Lowering public debt

Removing VAT for basic food

Drinking tap water for every household

Lowering taxes for 97% of Albanians

Return of Albanian emigrants

Setting 5% of state budget for education

Fight against corruption.



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    Zigur Qarri25/02/2021 12:21

    300 mijë vende pune ishte premtimi per mandatin e parë,për mandatin e dytë mafia "rilindase" premtoi 250 mijë vende te tjera pune.Ky eshte mashtrim,vepër penale dhe dikush duhet te pergjigjet para ligjit.

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