Opposition chief Basha pledges to support businesses, not oligarchs

Opposition chief Basha pledges to support businesses, not oligarchs

10:52, 25/02/2021
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Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha pledged today his party will support businesses and citizens instead of oligarchs, as soon as it forms its government after winning the April 25 elections.

Basha made his promise as he visited a factory of metal production and processing in Durrës. The business administrator told Basha the problems they face, involving the lack of manpower, which is trained in Albania and then leave for different European countries.

"The main difference between the Albanian economy and that of North Macedonia and Serbia is that those countries focused on exports and the training of the workforce. North Macedonia’s exports to Germany mount to USD 3 billion to Germany, Albania’s to USD 300 million in 8 years. This must change at once; the choice on April 25 is the simplest. Will we stay in the same place or change? We will definitely change! There will be a change in how entrepreneurship and the employers are treated. There is no other way. The prime minister and a group of rulers have become partners with a handful of businessmen, known to the people as oligarchs, while all honest business is out of the question. This is solved quite simply, by having a government that cares and takes its responsibilities in front of its people", Basha said.

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