Italian businessman Francesco Becketti continues to seize Albanian assets abroad

Italian businessman Francesco Becketti continues to seize Albanian assets abroad

13:16, 18/01/2021
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Italian businessman Francesco Becketti continues to confiscate the assets of Albanians across Europe, as the Albanian government refuses to pay the fine of over 100 million euros that it has received in the arbitration of the World Bank.

The issue of seizures has reached the Netherlands, where the story has been significantly complicated.

According to the well-known financial newspaper in this country, FD, the Dutch state has ended up being implicated in the delicate issue of the expropriation of a television station in Albania.

What happened?

Beckett has asked the court to seize Albania's shares in the Dutch giant company, Shell, which has received concession contracts for oil exploration in Albania. The court is also required to seize Albanian assets from another well-known company, ENI.

Here, the Dutch state has decided to intervene, to protect large companies, because not only the money of the Albanians, but also of the Dutch is at stake.

So indirectly, by protecting the assets of these companies, the Netherlands is protecting the Albanian state, the newspaper writes.

The Ministry of Justice in the Netherlands has said that the Netherlands has an obligation under international law to come out in defense of companies. In principle, funds can not be seized from companies if the money has a public purpose.

"The issue is very prominent because the Netherlands has a sensitive relationship with Albania, which is trying to join the European Union since 2009. Denmark, the Netherlands and France vetoed the negotiations in 2019.

Albania has a bad reputation for a weak judicial system, corruption and problems with media freedom. The country is also often in the news for its involvement in large-scale international drug crime. The confiscation of Agon TV in Albania in 2015 was related to the lack of press freedom in Albania. "The channel was very critical in its reporting to the government," the newspaper wrote.

According to her, the Italian businessman was forced to go to Europe demanding the seizure of Albanian assets, as the Albanian state refused to pay the fine.

Trials over Albanian assets are taking place in Austria and Belgium. In Belgium, for example, he confiscated Albanian money from the major air traffic control company, Eurocontrol.


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