Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri’s wealth revealed, doubts over the growth of financial assets

Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri’s wealth revealed, doubts over the growth of financial assets

13:35, 16/01/2021
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Disgraced Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri declared family wealth worth 23.2 million Albanian Lek, while his financial resources result insufficient to justify the 2017 growth in his wealth, BIRN reports.

Saimir Tahiri was appointed Interior Minister in Edi Rama’s cabinet in 2013 and held the post till March 2017.

He was re-elected MP a few months later, but was forced to renounce the seat in May 2018, to face like a “common citizen” the charges of implication in the international drugs traffic of his distant relatives Habilaj.

In the wealth declaration form in 2010, Saimir Tahiri declared a family wealth of 15.6 million Lek, whereas in 2018 the family wealth turned out to be 23.2 million Lek.

In June 2018, Tahiri’s wealth consisted of real estate estimated 12.3 million Lek, bank liquidities worth 9.3 million Lek and other savings equal to 1.5 million Lek.

Family income for the declared period is 28.6 million Lek, out of which 51% has as a source Tahiri’s salary and nearly 48% his wife’s salary. About 1.4% of income is from the sale of a car.

BIRN performed the arithmetic/logic control for nine years of declarations and one of the declarations results with problems.

During 2017, Tahiri results with insufficient financial resources in the value of 3.3 million Lek to cover the added assets in banking deposits, not considering the annual family expenses.

From the quality analysis of wealth declarations, BIRN red-flagged a banking loan paid back within the year. More precisely, in 2015 Tahiri declared receiving a loan of 2.1 million Lek to pay out a financial obligation. The loan was paid back to the bank in the end of 2015 for non-realization of the goal. The subject explained that after an agreement reached with a bailiff’s office, the obligation would be paid out monthly in the plaintiff’s account.

According to the cumulative analysis performed by BIRN, Tahiri and his wife result with 14.2 million LEk in bank liquidities in the middle of 2018 in a time when Tahiri declared he owns bank liquidities of 9.3 million Lek.


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