Basha meets youth returning from abroad, speaks of restoring the fair competition

Basha meets youth returning from abroad, speaks of restoring the fair competition

12:40, 23/12/2020
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Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha had a meeting today with a group of youth that study or have graduated abroad. In a time when young people are leaving Albania every day, the Democrat leader said the return to the country of the excellent students would be a message of hope for the change the country needs.

"Everyone watching us now may feel that vibe of inspiration, hope, and belief that your very presence offers, your return to the country, in Albania, despite having had the possibility to continue to stay abroad. This inspiration and hope for the whole society is a main goal of mine personally and of the Democratic Party”, Basha said in the meeting held in one of Tirana’s bookstore, The Tirana Times.

The youth expressed their concerns and worries they faced upon their return in the country, especially considering the lack of jobs and the difficulties to create new entrepreneurship.

Basha responded that supporting young people in their efforts of entrepreneurship is a real priority, as well as supporting the youth employment.

"Monopolization is the main problem with the economy today, the fact that the entire economy is in the hands of 3-4 clients of the government. They take the construction permits, exclusive licenses, procurements, concessions, PPPs”, Basha said, adding that it makes it impossible for the other actors in the markets, “the ones that have ideas, plans of innovations, have the will, capital or the capability to receive loans and invest”. “The government, which must guarantee equal opportunities in the market, is the one that has created a culture of refraining the initiative and favoring a fistful of persons with connections”.


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