Former PM Majko tries to ease tensions between Albania and Kosovo: ‘A brother sometimes bothers you’. But, is it enough?

Former PM Majko tries to ease tensions between Albania and Kosovo: ‘A brother sometimes bothers you’. But, is it enough?

11:37, 18/01/2020

Former Albanian Premier Pandeli Majko, now Minister of the Diaspora in Edi Rama’s government, tried to ease the tensions between Albania and Kosovo, following Rama’s lawsuit against outgoing Kosovo Premier Ramush Haradinaj.

Majko was invited in the forum “Thank you Albania” in Kosovo, commemorating the massive exodus of Kosovars to Albania forced by the Serbian ethnic cleansing in winter-spring 1999.

Majko, who was Albania’s Prime Minister at the time, had a message for Rama and Haradinaj.

“Does your brother sometimes make you unhappy? Yes, he does, that’s why he is your brother. We must love one another and remember those difficult days, we must remember where we have been and where we’re going to. I can’t help repeating what President Ilir Meta said, at that time all Albanians became one, Democrats and Socialists. We were ready to kill one another with Sali Berisha in 1997, but we gathered and said we have to be united together”, Majko said among the applauding of the audience.

However, the history of Rama’s relations with Kosovo is not merely a story of brotherly nuisance. According to Haradinaj, Rama invested himself in the division of Kosovo. The accusations against him are of treason. Furthermore, by becoming a close crony of the Serbian President he helped in cleaning the image of Serbia which still denies the crimes committed in Kosovo.

Majko did not speak of that, just tried to bypass with speeches like the one he held today. But he is a minister of the cabinet of a Prime Minister who is being accused from Kosovo not for words, but for treason. That’s why Majko’s speech today is flying away in the wind.


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Sehiri18/01/2020 15:12

Nqse nuk do kish folur ,do ta humbiste statusin R.K. !

Shqiptari18/01/2020 12:43

Edi Rama vella me Ramushin!!!! Sido qe te jete vellai, ka dicka qe te bashkon me ate. Cfare te perbashket ka Edvini me Ramushin? Te pakten 1, vetem 1! Edi Rama nuk behet vella as me vellane qe i ka bere nena po qe puna per para dhe pushtet! Shyqyr Zotit qe ne ate kohe nuk ishte Rama kryeminister sepse jo vetem Kosova do te ishte masakruar fare por edhe Shqiperia sot do te ishte pjese e mini-schengenit jugosllav! Lereni Majkon, ai nuk ka burreri! Ai nuk eshte burre, Majko eshte thjesht nje mashkull qe vetem ka ze burri!

Vellai18/01/2020 12:17

"Vellau" dhe vellezerit qe merzisin VELLEZERIT vazhdojne te merzisin VELLEZERIT !!! E kane filluar qe nga 1944 !!! RROFTE KOMBI SHQIPETAR !

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