Democrat chief Basha says Rama’s removal is the aim of the new electoral reform

Democrat chief Basha says Rama’s removal is the aim of the new electoral reform

14:10, 15/01/2020

Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha talked today with media reporters about the table of the Political Council that will work for a new electoral reform in Albania.

The Democrat chief said the first thanking goes to the German Bundestag which put several conditions that Edi Rama’s government must fulfill before the opening of the membership negotiations with the European Union.

Basha also thanked the international community and their representatives in Tirana, reserving a special thanking for the UK Ambassador.

“I am here today to guarantee the citizens, Democrats, the opposition supporters, the disappointed Socialists, and especially the Albanian youth that the process we’ll start has only one aim: return the freedom of vote”, Basha said.

“For the opposition the target is clear: the removal as fast as possible of this government and an electoral reform in compliance with the recommendations of OSCE/ODIHR”.

“The approval of the Electoral Reform is the first condition, the only condition where the opposition has a role to play. And it has played that role with full awareness and only in the interest of the citizens. As far as political equations are concerned, we have refused them and always will”.


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t15/01/2020 14:26

Nqs reforma mbaron ne mars dhe nuk behen zgjedhje te parakoheshme ne prill,a do kesh fytyre o lul basha ti dalesh para demokrateve

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