President Meta calls the opposition leaders in an emergent meeting

President Meta calls the opposition leaders in an emergent meeting

15:28, 16/11/2019

Albanian President Ilir Meta gas sent a letter to the nine opposition parties that boycotted the parliament last February, requesting an urgent meeting for the “dramatic situation” in the country. Meta’s latest move came after his declaration of disbanding the parliament and the confrontation with the majority concerning the appointments of the new members of the Constitutional Court.

The President’s letter was addressed to Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha and cc’ed to the chairpersons of eight other opposition parties, including LSI Chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi and Republican Party chairman Fatmir Mediu.

“Dear Mr. Basha, with consideration to the dramatic situation in which the country is in and its unpredictable consequences, I’d like to invite You and all the chairpersons of the parties of the United Opposition in a meeting, at the earliest time, possibly before Wednesday, November 20, 2019”, Meta writes in his letter to the Democrat chief Basha.


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Arjan 16/11/2019 15:50

Shum me vend zoti president, pa mar parasysh bindjet politike qe keni por si president i atij vendi duhet reagur me gjith opoziten, per ndryshe ai vend do te shkoj ne gjakderdhje. Sepse sot nje pjes e mir e din cfar do te thot komunizem.

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