Albania suffered the heaviest political blow of the last 30 years

Albania suffered the heaviest political blow of the last 30 years

15:41, 18/10/2019

The Summit of EU leaders decided: The negotiations with Albania will not open!

Edvin the Mobster Rama shut the EU doors to Albania.

An ominous decision for Albania was taken in Brussels today. Last year, the end of this year was set as a possible date for the opening of the negotiations provided the Albanian government would fulfill the seven conditions. In the last 16 months, the narco-government of Edi the Mobster did not fulfill any of the seven conditions. On the contrary, there was worsening which made Bundestag to take the number of conditions to 9, de facto to 10.

That made several EU countries to refuse categorically the opening of the negotiations with Albania.

Not only that, Albania and Edi the Mobster were not given another date, however distant it might be, to study the possibility of the opening.

This was the gift of Edi the Mobster and his narco-state for Albanians.

This a de facto closure of European doors to Albania and the heaviest blow to our country in the last 30 years.


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Shqiptari18/10/2019 16:22

Te pakten Rilindasit, pas ketij deshtimi te turpshem skandaloz dhe mjeran, do ta harrojne justifikmin "Fajin e ka Saliu!". Tani e tutje do te thone: Fajin e ka Macron!

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